Unexpected Meeting (detail), Digital Print, 2012

Richard Ward

Artist Statement

My primary interest is in abstraction and the exploration of approaches to abstraction. I use photography to capture images that focus on a primitive sense of form and colour and have a purposeful avoidance of representation. My process takes the source image and applies digital technology to manipulate, transform and collide the originals into a state that pushes the result towards the hallucinatory and sublime. My painting follows a similar process taking found images as a starting point and applying the influence of abstraction expressionism, these experiments result in the production of dense small scale painterly surfaces of varying intensity. The titles of my work often reference the culture of celebrity creating interesting associations for the viewer between the unreal and superficial reality.


I have arrived at my current practice via a non academic route. Years of self study, dialog and investigation combined with a desire to develop ideas led me to take the step into a studio to produce my own work. I was involved in the setting up of and ongoing management of the Mirabel studios project space PS Mirabel. I also work with Jack Doyle and Caroline Barker on collaborative projects under the collective name OCD.

For a review of the Exhibition Treatment at PS Mirabel