Peregro, Polyurethane, wrought iron, silicone and paddlestone, 2013
Commissioned by Cornerhouse for Four exhibition
Photography by six eight three

Nicola Ellis

Artist Statement

Nicola Ellis lives and works in Manchester. Her practice is underpinned by an interest in the synchronisation of the natural with the unnatural. Drawing and printing are used to generate ideas for play, which explores aspects of materiality inherent in materials. Sculptural objects are then produced which combine these material experiences with processes that play with levels of physical control. The subject of these objects evolves throughout their production and over time according to the environment in which they are positioned and the production of other sculpture, drawings and prints. Recent works explore the surface of a material with other materials, including polyurethane foam, silicone sealant, stone and glass.

Nicola Is supported by Mark Devereux Projects

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