'#4' from Rorschach series, pen on paper, 42cm x 29.6cm.

Naomi Lethbridge

Artist Statement

The forms that Naomi Lethbridge creates serve as a record of her labour. In the drawings, lines are accumulated in a systematic technique, reducing any subject to a democratic language. By using a purposefully limited means of creating an image or form, a new entity can be created from its most basic beginnings, with each element under her control, regardless of the nature of the work. Collection of ideas, information, experiences greatly influences the work, and the practice of classification, as a method of interpreting the surroundings, informs the aesthetic and concept. The style and its often eclectic and quirky nature is reminiscent of an historical approach towards acquiring knowledge, expressing the desire to know, understand and organise all that surrounds, and to commemorate it in physical form.


Naomi Lethbridge graduated in Fine Art from Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art in 2004 and Manchester Metropolitan University in 2009. Her work has been shown widely throughout Britain and Europe.