'Social Composition 1', ceramic drawings on cork, 2009 -2010.

Mat Cahill

Artist Statement

Through seeing drawing as the visualization of the thought process, my practice investigates the narrative, social, visual and genetic possibilities of individuals as they go about their mundane daily tasks. I express within a multitude of drawing methods and types, my practice forces me to adopt many roles, such as visual journalist, voyeur and director. Thus it is allowing the findings to be extended by the viewer either physically, visually or within their imagination.


Having showed my art works in both solo and group shows across the country, I share my knowledge and creativity in my own art education consultancy with many different community, school and art galleries throughout Greater Manchester and Lancashire. I am regularly employed by the Whitworth, the Lowry, Bolton Artist in Schools and many other councils and educational environment. This venture has been highly established due to my successful practices, and experience working for internationally acclaimed artist, Damien Hirst.