'Self-effacement', Marker pen on graphite paper, 2012.

Mark Eden

Artist Statement

I am a visual artist based in Manchester, working across a variety of media. My practice encompasses moving image, installation, sculpture and drawing. In some ways my work is based on notions of truth, as I have tried to view my subjects in their most barest and simplest of forms, in the hope of questioning what it means. My interest in human experience and the journeys we make have inspired the fleeting, and the ephemeral in my work.

Guided by an interest in individual as well as cultural history; my endeavour to open up and share work of a personal nature has given me the chance to explore universal ideas in my work. Making immersive environments has also become a way of creating a space where anyone can enter, and a way of encouraging their own intuition and understanding on a more deeper and a more emotional level.

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