Hannah Allan

Artist Statement

Practice is inter-disciplinary, often dealing with the relics of performance and other temporal, passed actions. Pieces are linked through a focus on the archival document, and distance or dis-location between the original event and its interpretation: translation from one medium to another. Remembrance, the nature of documents and archive as medium, are reoccurring themes within the work. Broken, fragmented narratives are expressed as text, spoken word and performance. Practice exists as artefact, relics of a process describing an absence.


Hannah Elizabeth Allan is an artist, writer and researcher based in North West England. PhD candidate at Manchester Metropolitan University with MIRIAD, undertaking practice led research. Solo work has been shown in exhibitions, publication and performance around the UK and internationally. Also co-founder and lead artist in arts organisation Collaborative Space, instigating public art interventions, connections between artists, and site-based research projects.

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