Dai Williams

Artist Statement

In my recent work I have been concentrating on exploring the notion of Utopia. My aim is to discuss mans desire for a Utopian existence through the mediums of collage and mixed media sculptures. My work hints to science, rave culture and often religion, other techno-utopian ideas such as space exploration and the quest for artificial life also influence my practice. I strive to achieve my finished pieces by appropriating imagery or objects, and creating a visual dialogue between materials.


I graduated from Kingston University in 2010 and have been exhibiting my work in both Manchester and London for the past year. My most recent illustrations have been used for a number of music projects that are developing in Manchester, including an up and coming project called Audio Racket Productions that is being launched in the spring of 2013. I will also be producing the artwork for a number of bands that are being launched in the summer of 2013.