Composition in White (Sculpture),
44 pre-existing plinths of various dimensions, 240x460x300cm, 2012

Antony Clarkson

Artist Statement

My work encompasses many forms and media, when the muse takes me it can lead me in virtually any direction and I am happy to blithely follow to see where she is taking us. The world is full of questions and possibilities and I feel compelled to pursue as many as I can in the hope that I may find at least a few answers: although I find that I usually end up with more questions. My primary stimulation is often materials, but I am extremely liberal in the usage of the word. I like the manmade objects, spaces and experiences, things that pre-exist, which I can take and find I new idiom for. I guess I am a kind of fantasist, I see possibilities in everything; they ask me questions of what-may-be.


I have a BA from Manchester Metropolitan University in Fine Art: Painting, graduating in 2008, and an MA in Fine Art from the same, graduating in 2009, since which time I have been making new work and exhibiting widely both in the UK and internationally. Notable Exhibitions include: Manu, FAFA Gallery, Finnish Academy of Fine Arts, Helsinki, Finland, 2010. The Scholars Rock Project, Chinese Arts Centre, Manchester, UK, 2010. Composition in White (Sculpture), Sculpture Gallery, Sichuan Institute of Fine Arts, Chongqing, China, 2012. Composition in White (Painting), 501 Artspace, Chongqing, China, 2012. The Line Between, Wexford Arts Centre, Wexford, Ireland, 2012. The Line Between, Monster Truck Gallery, Temple Bar, Dublin, Ireland, 2012.

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